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  Weifang ou DE machinery co., LTD is a production of shandong provinceNc tapping machineIntegrated enterprise,The company is committed toSingle spindle tapping machineThe improvement of product quality,Product technology content high reputation by users,The company has a complete perfectMultiple spindle tapping machineProduct line and quality testing system,Let the customer in the use of gratified flexibly product at the same time providing customers with perfect pre-sales and various kinds of service in a timely manner。
  My company in sales of tapping machine at the same time
We will continue to improve

Nc tapping machine

Research and development strength。The management of the company adhere to a countryCCCStandards certification rules。We would like to work with all outlet、From all walks of life tongren common development hand in hand。The company

Single spindle tapping machine

The products sell well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions of the country。To win the support and trust you。Customer satisfaction is our management tenet。We will always provide you with satisfactory

Pneumatic tapping machine

Service。Will foreign advanced information technology、Methods and enterprise management experience combined with the reality of domestic enterprises。We strictly the quality pass,To usMultiple spindle tapping machineWith novel design well-made craft is advanced。Welcome customers to negotiate business with us。Developed a series of advanced technologySingle spindle tapping machineThe new product。Companies with high quality service the public。Investment in the development of series products of the company。My company in order to promote the urbanization process。Our company always adhere to the quality and road。The company's products meet the national standards。Products are well received by the customers at home and abroad and favor。The company constantly upgrading products meets the requirements of customers greatly。My company has the independent research center。According to the international productIECStandard production。Transfer of technology and all dealers to work together。Excellent quality and good service won the praise of many customers。Electric tapping machineProducts have been sold to over 20 provinces and cities nationwide。Realize optimization of product quality and production efficiency。We will design for you satisfied solution in a timely manner。Company to stimulate self and team members。Our company pursues the integrity-based business philosophy,While good faith culture made good corporate image。Every story has a sweet and trust。They are in product development、The tacit understanding cooperation between the promotion and maintenance,A deep understanding“Take the customer as the center”The meaning of。My company practises graded management system and internal responsibility contract system。The all kinds of complete production and business operation certificate。We have first-class service guarantee。In an enterprise,“DE”Is the enterprise advocate values,The products of our companyISO9001-2000International quality system certification。Companies adhering to the pursuit of leading beyond the spirit of enterprise

Shandong anqiu to customers

Shandong anqiu xu,Last year3Bought in our pneumatic tapping machine,He was just a factory borrow money from friends gather together20Wan,Two days before I met him in the parking lot,He has just made a new BMW,He calculated an account for me,A artificial day about on our side150Yuan,A person can bore an hour10About the hole,IThe tapping machine efficiency...Shandong anqiu to customers

Henan zhengzhou customers

Henan zhengzhou has a customer,His opened a mom-and-pop stores,Mainly to the processing parts manufacturer,Size is not big,But the factory to give tasks don't much at a time,Manufacturer in order to complete the task,Customers and recruitment for five people,But in this way,Common profit had left。Manufacturer to profit lost wages and rent,Almost keep the customer。Customer a heartbreaker for this thing...Henan zhengzhou customers

Taiyuan in Shanxi Province

Shanxi taiyuan mechanical grinding tool factory manager li used are artificial,Efficiency is very slow,Sometimes also drill on her hands,Since bought pneumatic tapping machine,Abnormal high efficiency,Is before3A set of individual,Now can catch up with a machine working efficiency3A team,Has always been the goods delivery before him out,Are advance the time of delivery,And drilling technology0Error。In order to...Taiyuan in Shanxi Province

Jiangsu xuzhou customers

Mr Wang is a private factory boss in xuzhou, jiangsu,He factory these days to pick up a batch of order of the engine casing,There are procedures is to tapping on the chassis,Because they did not take such work before,So they began to adopt the method of artificial tapping,Not only speed is slow,And the broken wire tapping frequency is very high。Watching the delivery date is coming,The customer drives...Jiangsu xuzhou customers
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